Breast Augmentation in Chicago


Breast Augmentation in Chicago Illinois Area

Breast augmentation, using Saline or Silicone Breast Implants, can be a dramatic step in creating that beautiful shape you’ve always wanted.  Why has breast augmentation continued to be such a popular procedure?  It is proven fact that breast augmentation can boost your self-esteem, self confidence, and have a positive impact on so many aspects of your personal life and relationships with others.

Dr. Johnson and his staff recognize that the key to the perfect breast augmentation lies in understanding the ‘inner you’.  Ask anyone important to you and they will express opinions about breast size.  Dr. Johnson’s method to help guide your implant selection involves the extensive use of photographs to document breast projection, volume, and upper fill, and trial methods tailored specifically to you.  Only by carefully understanding the right look for you, Dr. Johnson can select the perfect implant, implant size, and implant shape to provide you with a safe breast enhancement true to the inner you with the look you have always wanted.  Whether you are interested in a B cup or a very full augmentation to a D cup or more, first and foremost, the look is about you and you alone.

Breast Augmentation in Chicago Before and After

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In our Center for Aesthetic Surgery, a full range of implant choices are available to help you reach your goal.  Choices include saline, silicone gel, and a newer, highly cohesive gel implant, depending on your individual preferences and specific, individual needs.  Breast incisions are very small and can be placed in non-visible areas, such as under your arm, on the edge of the nipple, or in a traditional breast fold location. For women considering breast augmentation procedures, visit Peter Johnson MD Plastic Surgery in Chicago who will give you the result you are looking for!

Just which implant is right for you? Through our careful selection of breast implant manufacturers, implants come with very attractive replacement warrantees.    Dr. Johnson will carefully discuss each option, the advantages of each, to help you choose an implant that will be both comfortable and beautiful for many years to come.

Breast augmentation results are immediate and dramatic, and easier than ever before.  Our expert office staff will take you through every step involved in safe breast enhancement in our private accredited office facility.  Recovery normally takes a few days. Our staff will provide you with everything you need for a rapid recovery.

You, too, will be able to enjoy long-lasting results from one of the most popular procedure in cosmetic surgery of all times.  We encourage you to explore breast augmentation possibilities and your first step along the path to a new voluptuous figure, a new attitude, and a totally new you. We encourage you to explore the possibilities that go along with a new figure and a new attitude.

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For more information on how breast augmentation in Chicago can change your life, contact Dr Peter E. Johnson for your private consultation.